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Updating cursor

After running into this bug repeatedly I discovered a few ways to resolve the problem and make the cursor visible again.

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Thus, you may be more likely to lose the cursor when using apps like Photoshop, or Chrome and Safari with tons of browser tabs open, especially with an external display connected.Storing your present location is the usual way to record a waypoint.You simply hit the MARK key, on the G-III, etrex, 76, and emap press and hold the ENTER key, and the waypoint entry form will appear.Very rarely the cursor will be missing everywhere, which requires either every single application be quit or the computer to reboot.This is obviously a bug, which means it’s probably an easy fix for Apple.They are often used to store intermediate turns and intersections that help define a route to a particular destination.

Similar to the waystations used by pony express riders as stopover points waypoints mark significant places on your journey.

The newest units permits 10 character names and these can include spaces.

The emap, 76 family, and etrex store waypoints in 3 dimensions by including altitude. The 76 family will also store depth data for water if an optional depth sensor is attached.

The earliest units could save 250 waypoints while later models can store up to 500. In addition some units have additional waypoints that are stored in an internal database.

These database waypoints are discussed in the chapter on databases. On most unit they must be no more than 6 characters long and contain no spaces but can contain any combination of letters and numbers and some punctuation.

In fact, it may already be resolved in OS X Mavericks as I have yet to run into it using the developer preview builds of 10.9.