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German gothic dating

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Attila unsuspecting of treachery, followed his foster son through the forest to the cave. There was more gold in part of the cave than the combination of treasure of Gunnar and Hogni.With Attila so absorbed with gold of Sigurd, Aldrian shutted and locked the door, leaving the old king trapped with gold.

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Attila was known in the Norse myths as Atli, but he was historically derived from Attila the Huns.Attila was first married to Helche, who called Erka in Thiðrekssaga.According to Thiðrekssaga, Erka (Helche) was the daughter of Osantrix, king of Vilkinaland, and of Oda, daughter of King Milias of Hunland. His ambassador to Osantrix, named Duke Rudolf, but used the name Sigifred or Sigurd when he offered services to Osantrix for two years.Atli was more like Attila, because the real Hunnish king was known for his brutality and greed, especially for gold.Though, the real Gunther ("Guntharius") was contemporary to Attila, Guntharius was not killed by Attila's Huns, but by the Hunnish mercenaries led by the Roman general, Aetius (AD 437).When the time was ripe, Rudolf spirited Erka away to Hunland, where she married Attila. In the Nibelungenlied, Helche had a niece named Herrat, and Herrat was betrothed to Dietrich.

When Helche died, Helche had warned her husband not to marry Kriemhild (Gudrun or Grimhild), but his advisers forgotten her warning and told him that Burgundian princess was also widow; they suggested that Etzel should marry Kriemhild.

Osantrix not realising Rudolf/Sigurd was Attila's agent, infiltrated his court.

Then Rudolf won audience with Erka, who secretly agreed to marry Attila.

This was because the German poets see Etzel and the Huns as German people, not the barbarians from steppe of Central Asia.

In the Volsunga Saga and the Thiðrekssaga, it was Atli (or Attila) who wanted Sigurd's treasure, not his wife Gudrun (Kriemhild or Grimhild).

Since Grimhild was already dead, the boy decided that he would avenge his father's death with Attila's. He became Attila's foster son, after Hogni's death.