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Error when updating password

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Some instances where this may be necessary: Check the Youtube quick tip below for details.If your computer resides behind a firewall you may have to setup the proxy information so that CCS can get to our Eclipse update site.

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Error Code 0x80070002 is one of the most common Windows errors you may encounter while using any version of Windows operating systems.Note: sometimes the software being installed may fail due to reasons like permissions (more common in Linux) or incompatibility between the existing CCS release and the software to be installed (more common if using older CCS releases).In all cases, read carefully the error message to solve the issue.Code Composer Studio v6 uses the Eclipse update manager to check for updates.This allows you to check for updates to Code Composer Studio, third party emulation drivers as well as updates to other Eclipse plug-in packages that you have installed.Resetting the hosts file affects software services that rely on hosts file redirects. Enter the password you use to sign in to your computer and press Return. If you don't see a window similar to the one below, make sure you're using a nonblank administrator password. Navigate using the arrow keys and look for an entry containing “”. If your computer uses a managed network, refer to your network administrator.

If you're using Windows on a business computer, consult your IT department to be sure applications work correctly after you reset your hosts file. You won't see text appear in the Terminal window when you type your password. If you don't see any entry containing, then the hosts file isn't related to the issue. Proxies, firewalls, and other network security measures can cause these errors.

Alternatively, a specific plug-in or update site can be selected by going to menu Help -- Installing new software is the way CCS and Eclipse define a feature or capability that is not yet currently installed.

This feature or capability can be a new major version stream of the compiler (5.x if you only have 4.x installed, for example) Note: if you need to install an entire new feature such as a new device family that was not selected during initial install, or a new JTAG debugger family or manufacturer, check the Installing an entirely new feature section below.

In case this procedure does not work or somehow the dependencies are not fully deleted with lingering files in your install, manual deletion of the features may be necessary.

Please check this forum post that shows an example on how to do this.

Try to restore or update on another computer with a different Internet connection.