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Datetimepicker validating

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The method shown may be of use if you have an application that receives dates as strings rather than as actual Date Time values.Figure 1: Test Application in Use The Code The code is very simple and does not require much of an explanation.

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It will cause each control to raise a Validating event and return False if any fail, so you know not to proceed. | MSDN Data Walkthroughs VBForums Database Development FAQ My Code Bank Submissions: VB | C# My Blog: Data Among Multiple Forms (3 parts) Beginner Tutorials: VB | C# | SQLso thanks for that.I'm creating a program in C# using WPF that will generate a PDF of a sale sign for a retail store (just practice).Since it is a sale sign, I need the user to enter a date to represent the end of the sale. I would like to use some binding validation to check two things: I'm somewhat new to C# and WPF, so I'll provide an example of the type of validation I'm using in case there are other ways to do it: I also have text boxes that have functioning binding.It's not possible to enter an invalid date, which is one of the main reasons to use a Date Time Picker rather than a Text Box.As for your second requirement, you don't need any validation for that either.All that is done is to split the date string up into month, day, and year, and then to attempt to create a date time value from those parts.

If the operation succeeds, the method returns true, if it fails (with an invalid date) the failure is trapped in a catch block which in turn returns a false.

; or a timedelta relative to today, eg '-1d', ' 6m 1y', etc, where valid units are 'd' (day), 'w' (week), 'm' (month), and 'y' (year). Default: Beginning of time The earliest date that may be selected; all earlier dates will be disabled. Default: End of time The latest date that may be selected; all later dates will be disabled. Default: '', [] Days of the week that should be disabled. Currently ships with English ('en'), German ('de'), Brazilian ('br'), and Spanish ('es') translations, but others can be added (see I18N below).

You can also specify an ISO-8601 valid datetime, despite of the given format : Integer. If an unknown language code is given, English will be used. Default: true Whether or not to force parsing of the input value when the picker is closed.

When the picker is not visible, enter will have normal effects - submitting the current form, etc. If your browser (or those of your users) is displaying characters wrong, chances are the browser is loading the javascript file with a non-unicode encoding.

Introduction This article describes a simple approach to validating dates received as strings (e.g., 2/21/2008).

The escape key can be used to hide and re-show the datetimepicker; this is necessary if the user wants to manually edit the value.