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Blackberry accuweather not updating

blackberry accuweather not updating-74

I've noticed some funkiness with widgets in general after flashing and/or restoring and that usually fixes things for me. It was blank after I first dropped it on the screen so clicked on it.EDIT: and even though it should matter, try adding the widget back and updating the settings outside so it can get a GPS lock. Originally Posted by salth2o I tried doing that a bunch of times thinking it may help. I notice when I was playing with the weather channel widget every time I wake my phone up I see the gps icon for a few seconds. I have made sure that the Enable current location is on too. The first thing it asked me was if I wanted to use my Current Location and automatically filled it in.

As far as weather apps for your Black Berry, there are hundreds of them and it’s always hard cyphering through the mix to find the one that will work best for you and provide all the information you need without having to go to more than one place.Because of a preloaded application that comes with the Play Book we have discovered Accu Weather which also works for Black Berry Phones.This application has a well-designed interface that begins with entry of a zip code or allows you to use GPS to populate weather information pertinent to you location.Accu Weather provides accurate 12 hour forecasts as well as a detailed day by day forecast for up to 12 days.Another great feature of this application is the customizability for the user.Rest assured that all the content is still available!

I am using the "Digital" watch face on my Gear Fit 2 with the weather displayed at the bottom of the screen. I have to tap on the weather to open it up and then wait for it to update.

i figured it was due to the data/app restriction settings to save battery but even turning those off doesnt change the anyone know if there is a work around or is this update just shutting down background updates/sync?

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Black Berry Weather works well as an active frame when you minimize the application, giving you a quick view of the current weather from your home screen.

Black Berry Weather is both stylish and practical, and makes for a quick way to check forecasts on your phone.

You can view hourly forecasts too, so you can see how the weather will change throughout the day.