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American dating tips

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Here’s what they told me: According to the women I've spoken with, when a man asks you out in France, chances are it won’t be a "Netflix and chill" situation or a casual bite to eat.

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For some, this immediate intimacy is refreshing—but for others, it’s a bit off-putting.But in France: “He initiated dates, planned them to a tee, and never canceled.Halfway through our first date, he asked what I was doing the day after next and suggested a restaurant we should try.I've been on first dates in France that I couldn't drag even long-term boyfriends to in the U.S.: museums, theater, music that doesn't involve earplugs,” shares Tamara, a commercial real estate consultant living in Paris. By way of a different culture, language, and romantic norms, dating someone from any country is bound to present some serious differences.

Understanding the realities of French dating customs requires digging a little deeper than one or two great dates—so we spoke with five women who maintained actual serious romantic relationships, not just a week of abroad flirting.

Try tempering your feminist theory with some old-fashioned French pragmatism." And that spirit carries over to their dating culture as well—for better, and sometimes, for worse.

To Mary Alice, this gender difference was especially apparent when it came to whose role it was to pursue.

To the contrary, explains Carol: “French culture appreciates both the sensual and the intellectual."American ex-pat and writer, Pamela Druckerman, famous for her bestseller expounds that in France, while generally a much more egalitarian culture, gender equality doesn't imply that you're the exact same.

In describing how married couples split up chores, she says, "Fifty-fifty rarely happens.

The other 10% I’ll probably waste.” But many people on Twitter were unamused by the Grassley remark.